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The Kingston Trio - Born at the Right Time

March, 2012

The Kingston Trio, with George Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Dougherty, had been wanting to record a CD of all new material for a long time. Finally, they decided the time had come. All three members brought in songs, as did Bob Shane, original Kingston Trio founder. Over a several year period, the songs were whittled down; then finally agreed upon. They kept with the Kingston Trio tradition of considering only songs that everyone liked. The recording process started in June of 2011, and the CD was released in March of 2012.

"Not a traditional Kingston Trio song on this album, yet it is a Kingston Trio album in every sense. The musicianship, the harmonies, and the song selection — both musically and thematically — feature the unmistakable touch of this fine trio, and of the Kingston Trio throughout the decades. Traditional songs mix with carefully chosen covers including songs by former Kingston Trio member John Stewart, as well as Bill Staines and Steve Gillette. Some songs feature playful humor; others are rich with social commentary. This is an album that you will surely enjoy." -- Review by Valerie Magee


  1. A Much Better View Of The Moon (George Wurzbach)
  2. Jasmine (John Stewart)
  3. Every Inch Of The Way (Jim Ratts)
  4. La Migra (George Weissinger)
  5. Forever And A Day (Jens Kruger / Uwe Krüger / Joel Landsberg)
  6. Born At The Right Time (Billy Mitchell)
  7. That Song About The River (Steve Gillette / Charles John Quarto)
  8. Cherie (Phillip Keat)
  9. If I Were Free (Travis Edmonson)
  10. River (Bill Staines)
  11. May The Light Of Love (David Roth)
  12. Blackleg Miner (Stanley Rogers)
  13. Barrett's Privateers (Traditional)
  14. Real Old Style (Kapono Beamer / Keola Beamer)
  15. Turkish Delight From The Dardanelles


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