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Gordon Lightfoot

Multi-CD Sets

Gordon Lightfoot Songbook (4 CD Set) @ $33.99 each : In Stock

Sale! (Regular Price $39.99)
2016 Re-release of 4 disc box set in new packaging.

Lightfoot's 1999 career spanning 4 CD Box Set with 88 tracks total, featuring all the hits (of course), "best" recordings from each original album, 2 rare recordings from before he signed with United Artists, and 16 songs never released before this box set and available only here with the exception of "Betty Called Me In" which is included on the late 2016 audiophile vinyl release of Summertime Dream available here.

Gordon Lightfoot - Dream Street Rose/Shadows/Salute (2 CD set) @ $19.99 each : In Stock

Here's the new in 2016 import two CD set from BGO Records with the three original albums from the early 1980s, all of which are out of print and very difficult to find. They are Dream Street Rose, Shadows and Salute. In this new set, the first CD contains the first two albums; the second CD contains just the third album. I am excited to have this set available for purchase from my store.

This set is reasonably priced for three albums, and allows fans who don't have all these albums on CD to purchase them at a very reasonable price.

Click the album name links above for details about the three original albums.

Gordon Lightfoot - United Artists Collection (2 CD Set) @ $10.99 each : In Stock


This CD set contains all of the cuts from Lightfoot's first four United Artists albums: Lightfoot!, The Way I Feel, Did She Mention My Name and Back Here on Earth.

This CD - "United Artists Collection" - plus Sunday Concert Plus from Bear Family (see below) will give you his entire catalog from United Artists, with 5 bonus tracks on "Sunday Concert Plus". This is a less pricey way to get all these songs than buying the three Bear Family CDs. Note that the second Bear Family CD has a bonus track, which you won't get if you go with this CD, and the mastering of the Bear Family CDs is generally considered the best of all the alternatives.


Gordon Lightfoot - All Live @ $10.99 each : In Stock


With only one live (audio) album, from back in 1969, this 2012 CD is long overdue. We do have the video from the same time-frame (recorded in 2000, while the CD tracks come from concerts in 1998, 1999 and 2001), but there was no CD of the Reno concert and most of us didn't make our own from the DVD.

The 19 tracks include all four top 10 hits, If You Could Read My Mind, Sundown, Carefree Highway, and Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, plus Rainy Day People which reached #26, so casual fans will hear all the songs they remember from the radio.

Visit the album page for the full list of songs, and links to listen to clips.

Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold @ $8.99 each : In Stock

Sale! (Regular price $11.49)

This is the Lightfoot's first greatest hits album, missing only "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" - because it wasn't written yet. This album was released in mid-1975; "The Wreck" wasn't written until November, a few weeks after the shipwreck, and not released until 1976.

This CD version is missing one song, "Affair on 8th Avenue", because — at the time of the CD release — 74 minutes was the maximum length of a CD (it is 80 minutes now).

The album includes 11 songs released from United Artist (1966- 1969), and 12 songs from his Warner years, 1970-1975. All of the early songs were re- recorded for this album, in his wonderful 1970s style, resulting in recordings that are different from but no less wonderful than the originals.

Interesting note: the cut of "If You Could Read My Mind" is from the single, not the album, so it has harmony vocals (by Lightfoot). This version is also on the 2002 album, Complete Greatest Hits.

Visit the album page for the full list of songs, and links to listen to clips.

Gordon Lightfoot - Summertime Dream @ $10.99 each : In Stock

Sale! (Regular price $14.49)

New Warner CD (Warner Canada). This is the original CD from Warner Canada, and is increasingly hard to find.

This CD should need no introduction; it's the one with The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald. Another gem is Race Among The Ruins which is one of my favorite Lightfoot songs. Also, The House You Live In (which was his mother's favorite song), and I'm Not Supposed To Care, which Dylan performs live on occasion. Altogether, a wonderful album.

Gordon Lightfoot - Complete Greatest Hits @ $11.99 each : In Stock

This is the 2002 Warner/Rhino release of 20 of Lightfoot's greatest songs: all the hits, some well known album tracks from the past, and some more recent gems.

This CD was lovingly put together by Rhino's Thane Tierney, who co-produced the Songbook Box Set (1999), and also the last 4 CDs from Lightfoot's catalogue to be released on CD (2002). The re-mastering was done by Bill Inglot, who is one of the best in the business; the cuts here sound better than on any other CD. Interesting note: the cut of If You Could Read My Mind is from the single, not the album, so it has harmony vocals (by Lightfoot). Gord's Gold also used the mix from the single. Sundown is from the single as well, and has never appeared anywhere but on the 45. Nobody - including Thane - knows for sure what the difference is between the single and album versions (something in the guitar track, we think). Anyhow, it a lovely CD for your collection even if you have everything else.

Gordon Lightfoot - Sunday Concert Plus @ $22.99 each : In Stock

Imported from Germany. This is one of the three Bear Family Records CDs that together give you Lightfoot's entire United Artists catalogue — in the best remastering available on CD.

This CD includes the live, 11 song Sunday Concert record, plus 5 bonus tracks, making it quite special. The bonus tracks include "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," a Dylan song, plus the Nashville version of Lightfoot's "Spin, Spin," a song that was released only as a single (twice - the other version is on the 2nd Bear Family album). This is a great CD! You won't be disappointed.

Gordon Lightfoot - Lightfoot/The Way I Feel @ $17.99 each : In Stock
Back in stock!
German import. This CD, one of three from Bear Family, has no bonus tracks, but I consider it the best mastered CD with these earliest of Lightfoot's official albums.

This CD contains all the songs from the first two records. This CD plus the other two Bear Family CDs (which have 1 and 5 bonus tracks respectively) will give you his entire catalog from United Artists.

Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name/Back Here on Earth Plus @ $19.99 each : In Stock

Back in stock!
German Import. This CD, one of three Lightfoot CDs from Bear Family, has one bonus track, the New York version of Spin, Spin. (Sunday Concert Plus has the Nashville version - I will let you figure out the difference). I consider this CD the best mastered version of these two records, the 3rd and 4th of Lightfoot's official albums.

This CD plus the other two Bear Family CDs (which have 0 and 5 bonus tracks respectively) will give you his entire catalog from United Artists.

Gordon Lightfoot - Don Quixote @ $11.99 each : Low stock

New CD / May be Out of Print in US.

This is either the Canadian pressing or the US pressing of the original Warner CD, or the Warner Archives release. Other than the record company name and country, these are identical.

This album is one of my favorites; it's a Lightfoot cross between folk and country, and the songs on it are among his very best. The title track is one of my top 5 favorites; I never tire of it. If you don't have this original album, you should get one while you still can. Click on the album name above to read my review of this outstanding CD.

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown @ $12.99 each : In Stock

New Warner CD (Warner Canada). Limited quantity.

The one Lightfoot album that reached #1 on Billboard - simultaneously in the US and Canada. And the title song, "Sundown", was #1 that same week. This was the first album to top the charts, along with its title song, in the two countries simultaneously!

Many standout tracks including "Sundown" (#1), "Carefree Highway" (#10), and the less well known classics "The Watchman's Gone", "Circle of Steel", and "Seven Island Suite". Vintage Lightfoot.

Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind @ $10.99 each : In Stock

New Warner CD (Warner Canada, Europe or US). Note: Some of these CDs had stickers on the back, on the cellophane. I removed the stickers, but the backs are a little sticky. Of course, you must remove the cellophane in order to play the CD, so this shouldn't be an issue!

The Warner original album CDs are out of print in the US, making them difficult to find and sometimes expensive.

This is Lightfoot's first album for Warner Brothers, and it is a classic. The title track was his first song to chart in the US, and reached #5 on the pop chart. But the entire album is "gold", and a must for your collection.

The title song, "If You Could Read My Mind", was the theme song for the Portrait Painter on the UK TV series, "Trigger Happy TV".

LP (Vinyl)

Gordon Lightfoot - Summertime Dream (Record Store Day) @ $34.99 each : In Stock

180 Gram Audiophile LP

Record Store Day Black Friday (Warner Canada 2016).

This is the Record Store Day Black Friday Limited Edition 180 Gram Audiophile vinyl record, released only in Canada. According to the Warner Canada website, there were only 500 copies of this LP available worldwide.

The LP includes a bonus track, "Betty Called Me In," a song previously available only on the Songbook Box Set, but will now be included on the audiophile release of the album it didn't make the first time.

Of course, the standout track is the epic "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." An audiophile recording of that song should be stunning! In spite of its unlikely subject, and to everyone's surprise, it reached #2 on the Billboard Pop chart.

Other standout tracks are "Race Among the Ruins" (#65 on Billboard) and "The House You Live In." The album itself reached #12 on the Billboard Albums chart.

Shipping is $8.99 for the first LP, $13.99 for two in the same box, and includes insurance.


Gordon Lightfoot Live In Reno @ $14.98 each : In Stock

Sale! (List $19.98)
Taped in April, 2000 in Reno, NV, specifically for video release, this DVD has 22 songs, including all four top 10 hits (If You Could Read My Mind, Sundown, Carefree Highway and Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald). The audio was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bob Doidge of Grant Avenue Studio.

This is the North American version, Region 1/NTSC. It's the 2011 Canadian release of this concert, from Linus Entertainment.

The DVD called "Gordon Lightfoot: Greatest Hits Live", from Alpha Centauri (which I carried before it went out of print), is the same material, so don't buy both!

Harry Tracy / Hard Bounty @ $9.95 each : In Stock

(Double Feature Westerns)

This is in the North American format, Region 1/NTSC and may not play on equipment made for other regions.

Released in 1983, "Harry Tracy: The Last of the Wild Bunch" was Lightfoot's only movie role. The movie soundtrack includes a Lightfoot recording, of the song My Love for You, written by Les Pouliot who is Red Shea's brother.

For the Lightfoot fan who has everything!

This is a new, sealed copy, released as a "double feature" with another western. This movie DVD is now priced well below the prices of earlier releases of this movie.

The movie stars Bruce Dern, Helen Shaver and Michael C. Gwynne, as well as Lightfoot. As a big Lightfoot fan, but not a fan of westerns, I can tell you that the only reason I watched it was to see Lightfoot; and, to be 100% honest, I must admit that I fell asleep both times I tried to watch.

This is in the North American format, Region 1/NTSC and may not play on equipment made for other regions.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations @ $17.95 each : In Stock
List price $19.95

This is the most comprehensive video about the investigations into the cause of the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck.

Originally broadcast on PBS in a 30 minutes version, this is an updated one hour version and includes interviews not available elsewhere.

Ric Mixter, who produced both versions, narrated this newer version and visited the wreck site himself.

The video is in the North American format, Region 1/NTSC, and may not play on equipment outside this region.


Gordon Lightfoot -Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Sheet Music) @ $5.99 each : In Stock

Sheet music for "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," the #2 Billboard Hit written after Gord's Gold was released.

For piano, voice and guitar. The chord diagrams are in the key of A, the staff shows the piano accompaniment in C.

Best of Gordon Lightfoot - Piano/Vocal/Guitar (Songbook) @ $14.99 each : In Stock

(Hal Leonard)

Sale! (List price 16.99)

Songbook (sheet music) for 18 well known songs. Includes the four top 10 hits: "If You Could Read My Mind," "Sundown," "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," "Carefree Highway." plus "Baby Step Back," "Beautiful," "Bittergreen," "Canadian Railroad Trilogy," "Cotton Jenny," "Early Mornin' Rain," "(That's What You Get) for Loving Me," "I'm Not Sayin'," "Rainy Day People," "Ribbon of Darkness," "Song for a Winter's Night," "Steel Rail Blues," "Summer Side of Life," "Talking in your Sleep."

For piano, voice and guitar. The piano music is in the customary piano key (C); the guitar chords are in the key and chord shape Gordon uses (played using a capo).

Nicholas Jennings - Lightfoot

Order @ Amazon w/ Link in Description

Buy at Amazon.com   Buy at Amazon.ca   Buy at Amazon.co.uk

There's no reason to keep you in suspense; the new biography "Lightfoot," by Nicholas Jennings, about the life and career of singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot is nothing short of fantastic. Given Jennings' credentials, that is exactly what I expected.

Described as "the definitive, full-access story of the life and songs of Canada's legendary troubadour," the book is all that and more. Nicholas Jennings is uniquely qualified to write an authoritative biography of Lightfoot. He is a well-respected music historian, who has already written the definitive book on Canadian music in the 1960s when Lightfoot came on the scene. That book, "Before the Gold Rush — Flashbacks to the Dawn of the Canadian Sound" (out of print) was was the basis for the documentary, "Shakin' All Over: Canadian Pop Music in the 1960s," on DVD but possibly also out of print. In addition, Jennings wrote a biography of Lightfoot for the 1999 box set Songbook, and wrote liner notes or reviews for other albums. He already knew his subject very well and had his confidence, so a full biography was the logical next step.

You can read my full review here.
Maynard Collins - If You Could Read His Mind Not Currently Available, Please Inquire

None in stock. Looking for more, but prices are very high, even for used copies. With the new biography due in late September, many people will be happy to have just that one. It is up-to-date, and is by a top-notch author. However, if you are interested in buying this book too, then write to me at vlmagee@mageenet.net and I'll look for another copy for you.

All copies will be used, but none will have serious defects; just things like minor scuffing or tearing of dust cover, cracked hinges and/or previous owner name or nameplate.

Published 1988. Long out of print.

This is the second biography of Lightfoot. The first one, written 13 years earlier, is more a collection of clipping and news reports.

The book is odd in that it appears to be written by someone who doesn't like his subject, so keep that in mind. There are quotes from people like ex-wives and ex- girlfriends, not people whose opinions one would consider objective! But, in spite of such shortcomings, the book is interesting, and it does a decent job of covering the major events in Lightfoot's life through the date of publication.

The pictures, some provided by Lightfoot, are excellent.

Other Artists


Bob Gibson - Live at Cornell 1957 @ $26.99 each : In Stock

This is being sold by Alan Shaw of Rediscover Music/Folk Era/Wind River

A 2 CD concert by the great Bob Gibson, with a bonus CD of an informal after- concert "song exchange" with Bob and several members of the Cornell Folk Music Club. Tracks on the formal concert are:

Disc 1: Introduction * Sail Away, Lady * The Squirrel * Abilene * Dance Boatman, Dance * Workin' on a Pushboat * Erie Canal * Michael Row the Boat Ashore * Devil and the Farmer's Wife * Ol' Bill * Springfield Mountain * Day-O * Wheel-A- Matilda * John Riley * Go Down to Bimini
Disc 2: I Come for to Sing * Greenwood Side * Shady Grove * Snake Cure * There Once Was a Poor Young Man * Horse Named Bill * Andalucian Dance * Song Fragments of Marital Advice * Katie Morey * The Lily of the West * Delia * Money Is King * Linstead Market * You Must Come In at the Door * Oh Ananias * Rock-A My Soul * Mighty Day * I'm Going to Leave Old Texas * Oh Sinner Man * Take This Hammer * Wayfaring Stranger

Bob Gibson - Yes I See @ $12.99 each : In Stock

(Elektra, 1961)

This was Bob's second album for Elektra. Here, he returns to his traditional roots, following his more pop flavored first album, "Ski Songs." Sadly, both albums — released on CD by Collector's Choice in 2008 — are now out of print, but I was able to snatch up some of these and can offer them to you now.

In addition to some popular traditional tunes, Bob teamed up on the songwriting with his performing partner Hamilton Camp (then known as Bob Camp) for three of the songs.

Tracks are:

Yes I See * Springhill Mine Disaster (Peggy Seeger) * Well, Well, Well (Bob Gibson/Bob Camp) * You Can Tell the World * Copper Kettle * John Henry * Gilgarry Mountain * Motherless Children * Daddy Roll 'Em * Trouble in Mind * By and By (Bob Gibson/Bob Camp) * Blues Around My Head (Bob Gibson/Bob Camp)

Gibson & Camp ... Revisited @ $15.00 each : In Stock

This is the "remake" of the influential At The Gate Of Horn album, with the songs and the between song banter repeated, and with three additional songs including their signature Well, Well, Well and the Lightfoot cover For Lovin' Me. This is a great CD showcasing one of the most influential folk duos of the 60s, who both went on - in spite of personal demons - to contribute wonderful music until the time of their deaths.

You can buy the CD here or at the Hamilton Camp web site.

This CD-R contains all the songs and all the banter from the original 1961 Gate of Horn performance, plus 3 additional songs including the wonderful Lightfoot song.

Listen to clips of all the songs by clicking on the CD title above.

The Kingston Trio - Flashback 1963 @ $20.99 each : In Stock

This is being sold by Alan Shaw of Rediscover Music/Folk Era/Wind River

A 2 CD recording of the October 3rd, 1963 concert by The Kingston Trio at the University of Kentucky. A "Flashback" to the euphoria of JFK's "Camelot".

The trio members were Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and John Stewart.

Songs on the 2 CDs are:

Disc 1: Little LIght * The Wagoner Lad * Reverand Mr. Black * M.T.A. * Mariah * The Shape of Things * Big Ball in Boston * One More Town * Blowin in the Wind * Greenback Dollar
Disc 2: Hard Ain't It Hard * Getaway John * The Sinking of the Reuben James * Two Ten, Six Eighteen * The Tijuana Jail * Ballad of the Quiet Fighter * The Merry Minuet * Tom Dooley * Wimoweh * Scotch and Soda * Where Have All the Flowers Gone? * When the Saints Go Marching In

Glenn Yarbrough - Christmas With Glenn Yarbrough @ $26.95 each : In Stock

This is being sold by Alan Shaw of Rediscover Music/Folk Era/Wind River

Sale! Regular price $29.95

Out of print / rare.

Glenn Yarbrough's Christmas album with 14 timeless songs:

O Holy Night * O Little Town of Bethlehem * It Came Upon A Midnight Clear * What Child Is This * Away In A Manger * I Wonder As I Wander * Silent Night * Scarlet Ribbons * Silver Bells * Winter Wonderland * White Christmas * I'll Be Home For Christmas * The Christmas Song * Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

The Brothers Four - Merry Christmas (Expanded Edition) @ $15.00 each : In Stock

(2014 Real Gone Music) Recent reissue of The Brothers Four's Christmas album, with the original 12 tracks (14 songs with the medley), plus four bonus tracks including two that were never released before.

The classic Christmas album was first released on LP in 1966, and then reissued on CD in 1997.

The song, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" peaked at #26 on The Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1966.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen * Mary's Little Boy Child * The Night Is Christmas Eve * Away in a Manger * Christmas Is A-Comin' * O Holy Night * The Little Drummer Boy * 'Twas the Night Before Christmas * Silent Night * The Borning Day * I'll Be Home for Christmas * Medley: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing/It Came upon a Midnight Clear/Angels We Have Heard On High * Bonus Tracks: Christmas Bells * What Child Is This (Greensleeves, single version) * God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1964 version) * Go Tell It On The Mountain (1964 version)

David Rea - X7 (Times Seven) @ $15.00 each : In Stock

Only a limited number of copies remain; buy it while you can!

David Rea, who passed away on October 27th, was Gordon Lightfoot's "first" lead guitar player (definition of "first" being that he played lead for Gord at live gigs, as well as on an album). He was an amazing guitar player, as well as a fine singer/songwriter in his own right. And he was a friend. Please visit his web site at David Rea Music to learn more about him. You can buy the CD here or there.

My favorite cut on this CD is David's beautiful cover of Ian Tyson's The Gift. If you visit the X7/Times Seven album page (see link in CD title), you can listen to a clip of it.

Fourtold - Fourtold @ $15.00 each : In Stock

An album of old and new story-songs, sung in full harmony. A true labor of love from four friends. This is the kind of album we might have heard coming out of the dormitory window when we were in college.

Fourtold is Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen and Michael Smith, four of the most highly regarded folk singer/songwriters of our generation. This talented quartet sings story songs, as only they can, highlighted by Steve's "Darcy Farrow" (forgive my editorializing here, but the harmonies on this version are magnificent). I have written about Steve and Cindy elsewhere on this site, and feature several of their CDs here, so I won't belabor the point; you know what I think of them. Anne Hills was known first for her voice, then her writing, and finally for her continuing collaborative work as both a performer and a songwriter. Michael Smith, whose "The Dutchman" is another folk classic, is a riveting solo performer, and also sings with the quartet Weavermania.

Four Rode By * Molly and Tenbrooks * Pendle Hill * Joshua Gone Barbados * Panther in Michigan * Darcy Farrow * Ballad of Springhill * Aramalee * Nine Little Goblins * Two Men in the Building * I Drew My Ship * Run Come See Jerusalem.

Steve Gillette - The Ways of the World @ $15.00 each : In Stock

My favorite Steve Gillette album. Need I say more?

As a sample, here's a live performance of one of my favorites songs from this CD, recorded by Kenny Rogers, and performed to perfection by Steve & Cindy Bed of Roses (video).

No fewer than five songs from this album were recorded by major recording artists: (That Song About) The River, Grapes on the Vine, The Old Trail, and Healing Hands, as well as Bed of Roses.

If you need more convincing, listen to the clips at Steve's site. You can buy the CD there, or buy an MP3 album or just a few songs. Check it out here.

The River * Grapes on the Vine * Bed of Roses * Heartland * Healing Hands * Share Me With Texas * La Guitarra * The Old Trail * A Little Bit of Solitude * The Ways of the World * So Close * Always a Train in My Dreams

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - Live In Concert @ $15.00 each : In Stock

This CD contains no Lightfoot songs, but it does contain Darcy Farrow, a song that Lightfoot performed live in the 1960s. It's a great song, covered by dozens of famous artists, and Steve's guitar playing will take your breath away. Steve wrote the song with friend Tom Campbell, and it has become a folk classic. It was first performed live by Ian & Sylvia, and made famous by John Denver.

The CD is Steve & Cindy's first duet album. There are no Cindy original songs on this one, but her musical accompaniment and harmonizing are superb, and the traditional songs that she sings are truly wonderful. Just about all of the well known songs that Steve co-wrote appear here, including The River, Grapes On The Vine, Crying Don't Even Come Close, Bed Of Roses, The Old Trail and Glass Houses, in addition to Darcy Farrow. Steve's songs have been recorded by many popular artists over the years, including Linda Ronstadt, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette, The Kingston Trio, Ian & Sylvia, Nancy Griffith, Josh Ritter and others, in addition to Ian & Sylvia and John Denver.

I just love this CD and can play it on repeat for hours on end. Please visit their web site at CompassRoseMusic.com to learn more about them. You can buy the CD here or there.

If you visit the clips page (see link in CD title), you can listen to clips of all the songs. If you want more of a sample than the clip of Darcy Farrow, here's a video of them playing live a few years ago: Darcy Farrow live.

The River * Going Away * Grapes on the Vine * Their Brains Were Small * Glass Houses * Shake Sugaree * Darcy Farrow * When I Was In My Prime * Corinna * Annachie Gordon * The Old Trail * Heartland * La Guitarra * Off to Find a Treasure * The Frozen Logger * Crying Don't Even Come Close * Jay Gould's Daughter * Ring Around the Moon * Bed of Roses

Cindy Mangsen - Cat Tales @ $15.00 each : In Stock

Here's Cindy Mangsen's most recent solo album, and one that will appeal to all cat lovers, with 10 wonderful songs about cats. Besides Cindy's own most requested, "Rudy's Big Adventure," based on the true story of the cat who got his head stuck in the garbage disposal and lived to bask in fame and glory, there are songs from Cheryl Wheeler, Buddy Mondlock, Les Barker, Nancy White, Grant Livingston, The Berrymans and others. No cats were injured in the production of this fine recording.

The songs: Meow, Open That Can, The Cats of the Coliseum, Rudy's Big Adventure, The Familiar, Our Cats, Guide Cats for the Blind, My Pretty Kitty, Le Chat Gris, and The Dog of Time

Website at CompassRoseMusic.com. You can buy the CD here or there.

If you visit the clips page (see link in CD title), you can hear clips of all the songs, and watch a You Tube video of Cindy playing her great original song, Rudy's Big Adventure.



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