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Rick Dougherty - Sounding Good on One Guitar


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Rick Dougherty - Sounding Good on One Guitar

November, 2017

Rick Dougherty - Sounding Good on One Guitar is a new book of guitar instruction. Rick is a longtime folk performer and is a former member of both The Kingston Trio (2005-2017) and The Limeliters (1990-2002). He is well known for his guitar skills and his beautiful voice.

Review by Steve Gillette

I asked my friend Steve Gillette to look through the book and write a short review. Steve should need no introduction, as an accomplished singer/songwriter, and teacher of both songwriting and guitar. He released his own guitar instruction as an audio recording, on cassette and then on CD, titled 'How to Play Guitar Like I Do.'

Here's what Steve said:

"So many useful tips in this one volume: the 'finger placement rule,' alternate approaches for troublesome chords, finger-picking patterns, walking bass, 'color chords,' and lots of inspiration.

"Rick has done a wonderful job of pulling all these elements together into one finger-friendly book. I wish I'd had this resource when I was just starting out. Then again, never too late!"

— Steve Gillette

My Review

This new guitar instruction manual, by former Kingston Trio member Rick Dougherty, can be used by a beginner, because the basics are covered, but will prove useful to any player along the beginner to advanced intermediate spectrum. It's rich in diagrams and fingering details, and covers a myriad of techniques and styles, with hints that will prove useful as you develop and refine your own playing skills.

Of particular interest to me were Rick's discussions of different ways to fret certain chords, and the advantages he has found in playing one way versus another. At least for me, it isn't always obvious when one fingering will allow easier chords changes than another.

For many of the techniques and progressions, Rick suggests a song where it fits or a You Tube video where a well known preformer is using it. At the end of the book he includes a list of songs — including Kingston Trio songs — where you can use the techniques that he has covered.

Rick's own background includes arranging for choral groups, directing opera, and song writing in addition to his many years performing solo and with The Kingston Trio and The Limeliters.

Rick now has a new website at RickDoughertyMusic.com.


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