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For chords and lyrics to songs written by Steve Gillette, including Darcy Farrow, Back on the Street Again,
Bed of Roses, Glass Houses, Grapes on the Vine, and Song for Gamble, see the Steve Gillette Songbook (sheet music for 46 songs).
For Steve's instructional CD, see How To Play Guitar Like I Do. For his latest CD, see The Man (Steve Gillette)

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Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen


Berrymania @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Now in stock!

(Compass Rose Music, CRM-14, 2013): We admit it. We are huge fans of Lou & Peter Berryman and their songs. Over the years, we've recorded several, and now we've bowed to our better natures and recorded a whole album of their wonderful, wicked, insightful, and zany works.

With: Peter Davis (tenor banjo, clarinet, saxophone), John Kirk (fiddle and viola), Nathaniel Parke (cello), Scott Petito (bass), Pete Sutherland (piano and fiddle), Jennifer Weeks (oboe), Jack Williams (guitar)

The songs: It's Better Than That, Your State's Name Here, Do You Believe In Me, Mr & Mrs Noah, An Hour Away, Talking at the Same Time, Red Kimono, Walking With Roget, A Chat With Your Mom, Whose Is Yours?, Ralph to Rose, Now Everything Does, Family Car, Double Yodel.

Click on the CD title (above) for lyrics and clips for all the songs.

Home By Dark @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-13, 2012): A stellar new duet album, just released in January 2012! An eclectic mix of old favorites and new songs ranging from Child ballads to classic rags to new original songs, with the help of some of our favorite players: Peter Davis, Will Patton, Scott Petito, Pete Sutherland, Jennifer Weeks, and Jack Williams. The songs: Holy Smoke, Some Boats, California Zephyr, Sur la Route de Dijon, The Two Sisters, Blue, Birdsong, Rosmini's Rag, Seal Harbor, Manoment Waltz/The Mathematician, The Gnu, Home By Dark.

Read a great review by Mike Regenstreif: Home by Dark Review.

Listen to clips from Home By Dark here.

Being There @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-11): The 2006 duet album of a dozen new songs. "Great singers, innovative songs, gorgeous arrangements, and expert playing" (Sing Out Magazine). Includes songs from many of our heros, new ones of our own, and help from Nat Parke, Pete Sutherland, Scott Petito, Jennifer Weeks and Jack Williams. The songs: Hurricane, The Road Through the Woods, Concertina Garden Medley, The Kid With the Comic Book, Odd Man Out, High Cotton, Mr. O'Reilly, Nola, J'Entends le Moulin / 2-Step d'Armand, The Vermont Waltz, Homelessness, Darkness Comes.

Listen to clips from Being There here.

A Sense of Place @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Redwing Music, RWM-5409): This album is as close as we could come to a musical synesthetic of our life in Vermont. Steve sings and plays rhythm guitar, lead guitar, high-string and feet, Cindy sings and plays guitars, accordion, English concertina, mountain dulcimer, Mark Schatz: bass, Scott Petito: bass on "Traveler", Pete Sutherland: fiddle, piano, Jennifer Weeks: oboe, and Jack Williams: guitar on "Long, Long Trail". The songs: Tide and the River Rising, Sunrise, Reel Beatrice, Eclipse, Traveler, Margery Grey, Buddy & Carol's Waltz, Ou Vas-tu, Mon Petit Garcon? / Point au Pic, The Architecture Song, Shenandoah Falls / Cincinnati Rag, When the First Leaves Fall, Long Long Trail.

Listen to clips from A Sense Of Place here.

The Light of the Day @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-7): Stunning original and traditional songs and tunes, highlighted by their tribute to Gamble Rogers (Song for Gamble). With help from Don Baldini, Peter Davis, Karen Donnelly, Anne Hills, Kerry Ryer-Parke, Mark Schatz, David Surette, Pete Sutherland, Jennifer Weeks and George Wilson.

Songs include: 1800 and Froze to Death * Johnny Appleseed * Dark of the Moon * The Restless Wind * The Bonny Light Horseman * Far Away / The Coast of France * En Montant la Riviere * Get Up and Bar the Door * The Unicorn * Swede-Finn Medley (Horgalaten / Varpunen) * Right Says Fred * Hole In My Shoe * Song for Gamble.

Listen to clips from this CD here.

Live in Concert @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-2): Digitally recorded live at The Ark in Anne Arbor this CD contains an hour of music (19 songs).

Songs include: The River * Going Away * Grapes on the Vine * Their Brains Were Small * Glass Houses * Shake Sugaree * Darcy Farrow * When I Was In My Prime * Corinna * Annachie Gordon * The Old Trail * Heartland * La Guitarra * Off to Find a Treasure * The Frozen Logger * Crying Don't Even Come Close * Jay Gould's Daughter * Ring Around the Moon * Bed of Roses.

Listen to clips from Live In Concert here.

Steve Gillette


The Man @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music): (Compass Rose Music, CRM-12, 2010)
Midway between Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield, Danny Murrow confronts coming of age in the early days of the jazz era. From battered street-waif to celebrated guitar savant our hero endures and abides in "The Man," newly released by Steve Gillette and Compass Rose Music.

Assisted by a miraculous aggregation of masterful musicians on some newly-roasted chestnuts and a handful of inspired originals, the CD draws from the realms of roots-jazz, folk, and blues; romance and boogie woogie in a time of prohibition. The songs: Conversion on 13th Avenue, St. Louis Blues/Ja-da, Cordovan Boogie, Johnny & Betty, Sunday, Sweet Lorraine/Ain't Misbehavin', Your Feet's Too Big, Old Jim Crow, Whispering, Basie's Boogie, There's a Cradle in Caroline, Creole Belle Medley, The Man Who Loves a Train, Brother Can you Spare a Dime?, Good Old Wagon, St. James Infirmary Blues, Let the Rain Decide, God is Love, Wade in the Water, On the Sunny Side of the Street.

Read reviews
Listen to clips

Visit the web site here.

Texas & Tennessee @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Redwing Music, RWM-5404): They say that if you've lived in two places, you know more about both of them. There are songs that have dual citizenship too. I spent about ten years on a journey that was all about that kind of song.

Texas & Tennessee is an ambitious concept album with help from many talented friends; Larry Atamaniuk, Rey Castillo, Charles Cochran, Richard Curiel, Jeff Gillette, Mark Graham, Wayne Hartel, Anne Hills, Orville Johnson, Cindy Mangsen, Mike Williams, Steve Richards, Mark Schatz, Roger Spencer, Pete Sutherland, and Pete Wasner. The songs: Here's To the Rocky Road * Cornstalk Pony * Ghost Rider's Medley * Railroad Written All Over Him * Two Ten Train * Two Men In the Building * Lorena * No Pronuncias Mi Nombre * The Windows of Heaven * One Door * The Eye of the Hurricane * The West Texas Wind * If You're Ever In Texas

The Ways of the World @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-4): An album of twelve of Steve's best original songs, produced in Nashville by Jim Rooney and featuring Stuart Duncan (fiddle), Mark Schatz (bass), Roy Huskey, Jr. (bass), Mark Howard (guitar), Kenny Malone (percussion) and Cindy Mangsen (harmony vocals).

The songs: The River * Grapes on the Vine * Bed of Roses * Heartland * Healing Hands * Share Me With Texas * La Guitarra * The Old Trail * A Little Bit of Solitude * The Ways of the World * So Close * Always a Train in My Dreams

A Little Warmth @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-9): Produced by Graham Nash in 1976 this album is wonderfully remastered and now available as a CD. The new version contains two songs not included on the original LP. A sparkling example of the folk-rock eraís infatuation with the Nashville tradition. Featured performers include David Lindley, Johnny Barbata, Pete Sears, Chris Ethridge, Graham Nash, Hank DeVito and others too numerous to mention. Includes the chart single, "Lost the Good Thing We Had" a duet with Jennifer Warnes.

The songs: Sweet Melinda * A Little Warmth * Lost the Good Thing We Had * Babe, Oh Babe * You'll Never Be the Same * Holdin' On to Nothing * The Arms of Mary * Ships That Pass In the Night * She's Not You * Three Lines * I Believed In You * To Be Good Friends

Cindy Mangsen


Cat Tales @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-10): Cindy's "All Cat Songs" CD. Music for the cat lover in you: ten wonderful songs about cats!

Besides Cindy's own most requested, "Rudy's Big Adventure," based on the true story of the cat who got his head stuck in the garbage disposal and lived to bask in fame and glory, there are songs from Cheryl Wheeler, Buddy Mondlock, Les Barker, Nancy White, Grant Livingston, The Berrymans and others. No cats were injured in the production of this fine recording, a musical treat for all cat lovers.

The songs: Meow, Open That Can, The Cats of the Coliseum, Rudy's Big Adventure, The Familiar, Our Cats, Guide Cats for the Blind, My Pretty Kitty, Le Chat Gris, and The Dog of Time.

Listen to clips from Cat Tales here.

Songs of Experience @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Redwing Music, RWM-5403): These are songs of experience. Most of them are old songs, shaped by various singers and times. They open a door between past and present. Most of the songs tell stories, some with all the details, some with just a glance. I don't sing them because they are old, but because they speak to me, as they must have to the singers who brought them this far. I sing them because they connect me to the long line of human beings who sing, for so many reasons.

With help from a few special friends, Steve Gillette, Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Pete Sutherland.

The songs: Wedding Dress * October Roses * The Snow Is On the Ground * The Haunted Hunter * She Perished in the Snow * Dessus le Pont de Londres * The Cruel Mother * Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still * Clerk Saunders * I Hela Naturen / Gus's Waltz * Shallow Brown

Songlines @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-5): Released in December 1992 and selected as one of the year's Top Ten folk albums by the Boston Globe, Cindy's solo album was produced by Pete Sutherland and features backup by Steve Gillette (guitar & vocals), Priscilla Herdman & Anne Hills (vocals), Chris Layer (bassoon), Abby Newton (cello), and Jennifer Weeks (oboe).

The songs: The Wren * A Smuggler's Song * Mr. Fox * The Presence * Black Diamonds * Where the Light Comes From * Daughters of Feminists * Sundown * Sweet William's Ghost * Chant du Foulon * Northlight / Requiem * Songlines

Cindy with Anne Hills & Priscilla Herdman


Never Grow Up / Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Flying Fish, FF-671): A 1998 release of traditional songs for all ages, featuring duets, trios and quartets with guest artists Jan Burda, Michael Cooney, Steve Gillette, Priscilla Herdman, John Kirk, Jamie O'Reilly, Dave Prine & Tyler Wilson, The Raisin Pickers, Carla Sciaky, Rosalie Sorrels, Pete Sutherland, Dave Van Ronk, and the Volo Bogtrotters.

Songs are: Kitty Alone * Sorry That He Spoke * The Thinnest Man / Alice * Froggy Went a'Courting * Hudson River Steamboat * Wait 'Til the Clouds Roll By * Chickens They're a-Crowin' * The Dummy Line * Where Did You Get That Hat? * The Colorado Trail * Hopalong Peter * Master of the Sheepfold * Rings On My Fingers * Old Blue * Watch the Stars / At the Gate of Heaven

Books & Instruction


Steve Gillette Songbook @ $15.00 each : Low stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-3): Songs written by Steve Gillette alone or in collaboration. Words and sheet music for 46 of Steve's best known songs with guitar chords, tunings, and some poetry. 100 pages.

Full song listing: Always a Train In My Dreams * Back On the Street Again * Bed of Roses * Buddy & Carol's Waltz * Cornstalk Pony * Cryin' Don't Even Come Close * Darcy Farrow * The Erl King * The Eye of the Hurricane * Glass Houses * Grapes On the Vine * La Guitarra * Happy Hour * Healing Hands * Heartland * Here's To the Rocky Road * If You're Ever In Texas * Johnny Appleseed * A Little Bit of Solitude * Lost the Good Thing We Had * Margery Grey * Mister O'Reilly * Molly and Tenbrooks * My Vermont * The Old Trail * One Door * Railroad Written All Over Him * The Restless Wind * (That Song About) The River * Runnin' Out of Sunlight * Share Me With Texas * She's Not You * So Close * So Far Apart * Song for Gamble * Songs of the Season * Sweet Melinda * The Test of Time * Two Men In the Building * The Unicorn * Unto You This Night * The Ways of the World * The West Texas Wind * What She Don't Know * When the First Leaves Fall * The Windows of Heaven

Songwriting and the Creative Process / Steve Gillette @ $15.00 each : Low stock
(Sing Out Press): In this 200-page sourcebook there are many valuable insights on the work of songwriting. Steve has written detailed chapters on music theory, melody, harmony, rhythm, song critique, poetic principles, alliteration, titles, hooks, collaboration, creativity, writer's block, left brain and right brain, social issues, publishing, and surviving in the music industry.

Also included are articles and interviews with Graham Nash, Tom Paxton, Len Chandler, Fred Koller, Butch Hancock, Mary McCaslin, Michael Smith, Lou & Peter Berryman, Bob Franke, Nancy White and many others.

In her introduction to the book, Judy Collins wrote, "Use what you learn from this great book, you will get better as a songwriter: you can't fail!"


How to Play the Guitar Like I Do / Steve Gillette @ $15.00 each : In Stock
(Compass Rose Music, CRM-6): A one-hour lesson teaching how to play guitar. The CD covers the elements of fingerstyle (fingerpicking) guitar technique and walks you through how to play, from the most basic guitar sequences to the most complicated, in easily understood stages. Also includes a link to additional online information, currently featuring the tablature (tab) for the guitar solo in Darcy Farrow. (Recordings of Darcy Farrow are found on Live In Concert, and Fourtold).

Tracks: (download sample lessons) Tuning * Basics of Fingerpicking * Sequences * Melodic Elements *Hammering On & Pulling Off * Double & Triple Hammer Ons & Pull Offs *Slides * Pinch Pick Variations * Soloing Exercise * Flatpick & Fingers * "D"& "G" Tunings * Darcy Farrow Chords & Positions * Triplets * Harmonics *"DADGAD" Tuning * The Erl King * The Bells * Blues Shuffle -Parallel Sixths * Corrina



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