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Michael Jerling - Halfway Home @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in storeNow in stock
"Halfway Home" is a collection of 14 songs, Michael's first CD of all new material since "Crooked Path" (2007). Recorded at his own Fool's Hill Studio, Michael performs on 6 and 12 string guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Anchored by strong tracks from his perennial supporting cast of Tony Markellis on bass, Teresina Huxtable on reed organ and accordion, and Danny Whelchel on drums and percussion, Jerling is also joined by Danny Gotham on mandolin and nylon string guitar, Victor Sanders on electric guitar, Kevin Maul on slide guitar, and Mike Vlahakis on Hammond organ and piano. Don & Victoria Armstrong, Bob Warren & Joy Mackenzie, and Dale Haskell add their distinctive voices.

Halfway Home * After The Flood * The Hard Stuff * But She Still Sings * Glowing Screens * I Talk To Dead People * Bigger Hammer * Little House In The Country * Personal Appearance * A Boy On Memorial Day * No Solid Ground * The Story * Big Dog * Things I Learned From Life, Vol.II

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Steve Candlen - Ghosts (7 song EP) @ $10.00 each : In Stock
New in store "My TV likes to scream
But I don't know what it means
Nothing seems to make much sense
I'm a victim of happenstance
Living at the end of the world"

Steve Candlen's,"Ghosts", is a seven song EP of soulful singing, original tunes, and the kind of solid rhythm guitar you'd expect from a man who spent most of his musical career playing drums in bands including Felix Cavaliere's Rascals, and with Franklin Micare. These days Steve performs solo on his funky old archtop. Check out the song samples; once you hear him sing, you'll want to hear more.

Across The Great Divide * Waterproof * Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart * Living At The End Of The World * Faith * Blue Love * Rainy Day Sunshine

MJ Says - Steve is one of the cool kids ... more

Doug Irving - Eclecticity @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in store "And my sisters played hop scotch on the sidewalk
Forty yards from the big wall
Where the guards in the towers
Had their rifles trained on the big yard
The warden lived in the big house
By the bridge over the barge canal
And the yellow bus would pick us up for school
In a prison town"

Doug Irving's "Eclecticity" delivers what the title promises; a collection of Doug's songs that cover a range of pop, R&B, and country, including love songs, story songs, and songs with a message.

The CD features some fine musicianship, with many seasoned Nashville players (where the the bulk of the CD was recorded) as well as some upstate NY names. Drum duties are performed by Shawn Fichter and Wayne Killius, with Ralph Childs and Mike Craner rounding out the rhythm section. Rick DeLima, Pat Severs, Don Warren (of the Bob Warren Band) and Marc Clayton play electric guitar, and Nancy Walker sings harmonies. Doug performs on acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. Engineering chores were ably handled by Rick DeLima at Headroom Studios in Nashville, and Alan Dunham at Lylac Studios in South Glens Falls, NY.

Toronto * A Chance * Hell And Heaven * Voices * Prison Town * Make It Better * Thirsty * Love U Tonite * Blessings * Always * In America * I Think It's Time * Catalina

MJ Says - I grew up not far from Stateville Penitentiary in Joliet, Illinois. ... more

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Dave Fry - Playground @ $12.97 each : In Stock
New in store

Great CD for kids and families!

This CD starts out with the sounds of a playground in Dave's neighborhood and Dave Fry's latest CD is just that: a sonic playground complete with musical hopscotch, hoops, a sand box, jump ropes, and swings. With a crackerjack ensemble of great friends and studio players, "Playground" celebrates kids-based music traditions with jump rope rhymes, play songs, and curious ditties — all set to bluegrass, folk, rock 'n' roll, and R&B, and all with snappy arrangements and engaging performances. Just like a playground this is all about making noise, moving and having fun.

Dave sings and plays acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo. Producer Kevin Soffera also plays drums and percussion, Kjell Benner plays bass, Doug Hawk is on keyboards and Ansel Barnum blows some fine harp. In addition Reid Tre plays electric guitar, Joe Mixon steel drums and Rob Stoneback on trombone. Harmony vocals are provided by Wendi Bourne and Robbi Kumalo, with guest vocal appearances from Dave's daughter Rosalie and Jordan Soffera.

Playground * Jimalong Joe * Finger In The Air * Skip To My Lou * Three Slow Snails * Friends Of Mine * Giants * The Gnu Song * The Baby Shark * Rosalie, where Are You going? * Jelly In The Dish * Jump Rope Mashup * Figure It Out * All Around The Kitchen * The Tutti Tah * Shoo That Fly

MJ Says - The word community gets thrown around a lot these days. Dave Fry's life work is an example of what community really means ... more

Web page:

Hank Soto - How About Me! @ $12.97 each : In Stock
New in store

"Marry you honey on the Fourth of July
Have a son by the time the rivers run high
Keep you warm on a cold winter night
When the wood's so damp
That the fire won't light
Hey, what about me
Hey, what about me"

"How About Me!" is Hank Soto's first solo album. Best known as the electric guitarist for the the legendary "Stony Creek Band", this is Hank Unplugged. Yes it is acoustic, but all of the hot licks and sly humor are there, as well as some quietly beautiful songs like "Okinawa". Hank does all of the singing and plays acoustic guitar, National ResoRocket and harmonica.

Okinawa * Andabluesia (inst) * Here's To The Ladies * Phudge * Nothing Means As Much To Me As You * Chocolate Eyes * Courtin' Song * Little Bits Of D&A (inst) * Don't Give Up * See Through Nightgown * Payday * Streetlights * Sorry, We're All Out of Crystals (inst)

MJ Says - This was the perfect CD to show up in my mailbox on a very cold day ... more

Ray Lambiase - Time Leaves Things Behind @ $10.99 each : In Stock
New in store

"Just like a thief comes through a window
  and takes all he can find
Time makes off with your memories
But time leaves things behind, time leaves things behind"

"Time Leaves Things Behind" is Ray Lambiase's first full length album and it is well worth the wait. Ray Lambiase began writing and performing his own songs as a teenager on Long Island. After travelling the college coffeehouse circuit in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, he formed his first band and recorded "Slow Dance Romeo/Who'll Run to You Now" in the early 1980s. The single received local radio airplay and led to publishing contracts with Nashville's Combine Music and Bob Dylan's Special Rider Music publishing arm. The follow-up EP "Take Me To The Movies" included six songs, and was released on Great Divide Records, a music cooperative formed by Jack Hardy during the early days of the Fast Folk Greenwich Village folk movement whose members included Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin and Bill Morrissey.

Ray performs on guitar, keyboards and vocals, with a rhythm section of Jim Uhl on bass and Cliff Hackford on drums. John Widgren's steel guitar and Kenny Kosek's fiddle are musical high points, with all around great sounding contributions from Jack Gabis - acoustic lead guitar, Mark Newman - electric guitar, John Brisotti - mandolin, Dave Eggar - cello and Gillian Sobocinski on flute. Kate Corrigan sings a lovely duet and adds harmonies.

All I Got Is You * I Don't Need A Wall * Paper In My Wallet * Only Blue * Cedar Hill * I'm In Love (With Zooey Deschanel) * The Ghost I Can't Give Up * Waiting For The Rain * No One Should Be Lonely * I'd Be Happy If I Was Blue * Time Leaves Things Behind

MJ Says - Although Ray is working in familiar musical territory here, with folk and country flavored songs, there is something completely original in his writing and delivery ... more

Web page:

Lawson and Disorder - Too Old to Start at the Bottom @ $14.99 each : In Stock
New in store

"I'm too old to start at the bottom
The bottom's too far down
If it's dreams it takes I got 'em
Like any other guy in town
I want to hit the big time grab my moment in the sun
I'm just way too old to start at the bottom"

Lawson and Disorder is a band led by singer and songwriter Larry Lawson. Most of the tunes on "Too Old to Start at the Bottom" stay in the country folk and western swing realm, with some tasty hot licks around Larry's baritone voice. Dance numbers and lovely ballads all work well together. Joe De Christopher takes on the electric guitar duties with Carl Kirby on upright bass and mandolin, Steve Mitchell on drums and percussion, and producer (and cousin) Jacob Lawson on fiddle and mandolin. Everybody pitches in on the harmonies.

Too Old To Start At The Bottom * Little Dog * Hurricane * Somehow * Rear View Mirror * Area Man * Red Sky * If * Hopped Up On Bebop * Life Never Stops * Happy Man * The Last Gray * Lullabye

MJ Says - When Larry Lawson sent me his new CD I was a bit surprised to see "Lawson and Disorder" rather than "Larry Lawson" on the cover ... more

Mike Quick - House of Dreams @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in store "Paint a door on the wall by the rocking chair,
If they asked where I went say he walked right through there.
But never mind now, don't pay it any mind, all you ever find out for sure is
You're just a little short on time."

Mike Quick's newest CD, "House Of Dreams", features thirteen diverse original songs, some recent, and a few, like "King Of Rock&Roll" and "Fool's Gold" finding new interpretations. The rhythm section of Tony Markellis and Danny Whelchel leads the way, with some really hot tracks from California-based David West (electric guitar, mandolin, and banjo) and the Midwest's Randy Sabien (fiddle). Mike Vlahakis holds down most of the keyboard chores with cameos from Teresina Huxtable and Tom Wieseler on organ, Robert "One Man" Johnson on National steel guitar, and Michael Jerling playing the utility man on electric, 6 and 12 string guitars, mandolin and vocals. Harmonies were provided by Yata, Dale Haskell, Bob Warren, Joy MacKenzie, and Dixie Duffey.

Short On Time * Snake Oil & Sin * The Day That Jesus Comes Home From The Sea * House Of Dreams * The King Of Rock & Roll * Fool's Gold * Little Buddha Knows * Barbed Wire Rose * Johnny & The Hurricanes * Wheels That Roll * Playing Big Jim's Blues * Unconditional Friend * Tell The Native Sons

MJ Says - When Quick and I started discussing this project we talked about keeping things simple. But "House Of Dreams" exemplifies how CDs can be done in the 2!st century ... more

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Bob Warren - The Poet In Me @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in store"The Poet In Me" is Bob and his band recorded "live" on March 2nd and 3rd of 2013 at Edie Road Studios in Greenwich, NY. It is Bob's first album that does not add additional musicians or instrumentation. It is a true reflection of the band and the songs during this time.

Two of the songs, "A Whole Lot Of Rain" and "There Is A Place" feature a smaller ensemble, and were recorded at Bob's Studio B in Greenwich, NY.

The band is bassist Tony Markellis, drummer Danny Whelchel, guitarist Don Warren, cellist Monica Roach, keyboardist Matt Donnelly, and singer Joy MacKenzie.

The songs tackle a variety of subjects. "Every Step" recalls the social upheaval of the 1960's and postures that all change to the better exacts a high price, so much so that we "sometimes swear we're going backwards". "My Age" is a portrait of life beyond middle age. "A Whole Lot Of Rain" was written after last December's shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Poet In Me * Maybe You're A Dreamer Too * My Age * A Whole Lot Of Rain * Every Step * All I Was * From The Sky * Oh No, Not Me, Oh No * Underworld * If I Catch You Can I Keep You? * There Is A Place

MJ Says - Bob seems to gain creative energy with each year that passes ... more

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Andrew Calhoun -Living Room @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in storeLiving Room, Andrew's first recording of his new songs in 9 years, features a blending of historical, spiritual, personal and political concerns, plus "Born a Chicken": 12 previously unrecorded, 2 old songs reworked, an epic take with the gang of "The Crawdad Song" and a setting of "The Musical Instrument," Elizabeth Barrett Browning's last poem. Living Room was recorded in various living rooms by Greg Figge.

Hallelujah Morning * Walk Easy * People * The Musical Instrument * Jesus Born (Child of God) * Shout! * Dakota * The Gates of Love * Born a Chicken * Crawdad Song * Rabbit * Where You Gonna Sit Now? * Only For Love * Freedom Road * Of Thee I Never Weary * Moon and Sea

Personnel: Andrew Calhoun, vocals and guitar, Casey Calhoun, vocals, Gary Cleland, bass, Tracy Grammer, vocals and violin, Big Llou Johnson, vocals, Jenifer Jordan, vocals, Lana Ferrante Lupiani, cello, Basho Parks, violin, Jenn Rawling, vocals, Runako Robinson, vocals, Darwin McBeth Walton, vocals & drum.

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MJ Says - It seems odd to say, but there is something subversive and almost shocking about this recording ... more

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Stony Creek Band - Live! @ $12.97 each : In Stock
New in storeThe Stony Creek Band is the quintessential live act. Trying to catch their spirit in a recording studio is like capturing a wild thing and putting it in a zoo. It is the same animal, but it isn't. So it is with great excitement that FHM offers their latest CD, Stony Creek Band - Live! Recorded in concert at the beautiful Hudson River Music Hall in Hudson Falls, NY, it features fiery picking and cool singing throughout.

You can't completely capture some forty years of musical performance in ten songs, but this CD does an excellent job of representing the Stony Creek Band's high energy stylistic gumbo of country rock, newgrass, blues and folk influences. Just listing the songwriters gives you an idea - Bob Dylan, Jimmie Rodgers, Paul Seibel, Roy Acuff, David Grisman, some guy named Traditional, and originals from Hank Soto, Dave Maswick and Mike Lomaestro. Now THAT'S Americana... or more precisely Adirondackana.

Stony Creek Band is Hank Soto (electric guitar and vocals), John Strong ( acoustic guitar and vocals, Dave Maswick (bass and vocals), Fred Lantz (mandolin and vocals) and Mike Lomaestro (drums and vocals). The performance was recorded by Ryan Ghent and Dave Maswick did the mixing.

Down Along the Cove * Crow Black Chicken * When My Baby Comes Home * Blue Yodel No.4 * Louise * The Streamlined Cannonball * E.M.D. * Never Talks Back (Red & Blue Baby)* Here's to the Ladies * I Know You Rider

MJ Says - Two little stories ... more

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Doug Irving - Fire Towers and Shanties @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in storeDoug Irving spent eight years writing and recording in Nashville and that modern country pop sound is apparent in his latest recording, Fire Towers and Shanties. But as that title suggests, Doug's move back to the foothills of his beloved Adirondack Mountains has also left its stamp on this new CD. There are bluegrass and even folk flavors here, with tight harmonies and fine playing all around. Doug plays acoustic guitar and keyboards and sings all of the vocal parts. Pat Severs adds guitar, banjo, dobro and steel guitar,Doug Moody plays fiddle, and Hank Soto adds his signature B-bender sound on two of the cuts. The rhythm section is Ralph Childs on bass and Wayne Killius on drums. The basic tracks were recorded in Nashville at Headroom Studios by Rick DeLima, and local contributions were tracked at Lylac Studios with Alan Dunham engineering.

Running * Before Too Long * Sounds Like Goodbye * Details * A Lake Shanty * Fresh Water Shanty * Owl's Head Mountain Trail * Cumberland Road * Upper Wolfjaw Mountain Turnaround * John Speaker * Stages

MJ Says - If I knew anything about writing hit songs I'd be doing it myself, but when I listen to a song like "Details", it screams I'm A Hit Song ... more

Web page:

Doug Irving - An Adirondack Suite @ $23.99 each : In Stock
New in storeDouble CD-R, 29 songs, released 2012.

Web page:

Don & Victoria Armstrong - Telling The Tale @ $15.00 each : In Stock
New in store "The beauty and mystery of the Southwest as seen through the eyes of two brilliant singer-songwriters, Don & Victoria Armstrong. Cowboy songs, inspired Mexican songs and evocative, sensitive originals in an ever-expanding repertoire of hauntingly beautiful compositions overlaid with stunning vocal harmonies."
  -- Folk Times

Don & Victoria Armstrong's latest CD, Telling The Tale (2011), is another collection of almost magical music. Nobody else sounds like them. Their voices weave together like a Navajo rug, with well wrought originals by both Don and Victoria, Mexican songs and even a witty version of Rodgers & Hart's "Mountain Greenery". Another beautiful song, "The Moon Is A Streetlamp (On Sheffield Avenue)" is revived from Victoria's long ago collaboration with Pat Garvey ( which also produced the classic song "The Lovin' of the Game" ).

The CD was recorded in their adopted home of Tucson, Arizona by Duncan Stitt, who also plays accordion and bass on several tunes. They are also joined by members of the musical Ronstadt clan including Michael J., Michael G., Bobby, and Susie. Slim Rost plays bass on one track, as does Gilbert Brown on requinto. Victoria plays keyboard and guitar and Don picks the 6& 12 string guitar and banjo.

Nageezi * A La Orilla De Un Palmar * Buddha Was a Railroad Man * Company Store * Angel Arms * Ojala Que Llueva Cafe * Malaguena Salerosa * Tecolote * The Moon Is A Streetlamp (On Sheffield Avenue) * Mountain Greenery * Santuario * Poco Tiempo

MJ Says -When I was young I thought that the life of an artist must be the most romantic, noble life of all ... more

Web page:

Dave Maswick - The News From Here @ $12.97 each : In Stock
"Will we have a chance to say goodbye
Or will you fade into thin air?
On that day, the day you go away?"

Dave Maswick has just released his second solo CD, "The News From Here". Alternating between pop/rock tunes and lovely acoustic numbers, Dave has never sounded better. These are songs of love, loss and redemption. As a member of two seminal bands in the Albany NY region, Blotto, and the Stony Creek Band, Dave is well known to music fans there. I think this new CD will bring him the wider audience he deserves.

All original tunes (and a cool Beatles cover) , including some fine collaborations with Steve Candlen and Joel Brown, who join him on vocals. Dave recorded the CD and plays acoustic guitar, keyboards and bass. The roster is a veritable NY Capital District Musical Hall of Fame including Stony Creek cronies Randy Rollman (pedal steel), Fred Lantz (mandolin), and Hank Soto (guitar). Guitarists include Joel Brown, Don Young, Graham Tichy, and Chuck D'Aloia. Frank Orsini (violin) and Tim Peck (organ. Chris Carey plays drums with Gordon Thompson on percussion.

The Truth About Love * The Last Man Standing * 21 ( My Baby's Turning 50 ) * Sorry Now * Life Is What You Make It * Second Chance * Places You Call Home * Lucy in 4 ( Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ) * Some Things Never Change * The Day You Go Away

MJ Says - Sometimes in not so rare moments of self pity I ask myself , "Who the hell wants to hear another CD from a "veteran" musician? ... more

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Molly Durnin - Run @ $11.99 each : In Stock
"Light up the forest, light up the sky
In this darkness we’ll see tonight
Light up the moon and the mountain tops
Cause this is not, this is not, cause this is not
So run with them
Run with them"

Run (2012) is the newest recording from Molly Durnin. This young upstate New York songwriter has all the aplomb of an old pro. Though anchored by her percussive acoustic guitar, this music isn't folky, but rather smart, sexy pop/rock in the post modern style. Still beneath the cool there is passion in these songs. Romantic love, to be sure, but also a passion for all the wild things of the world.

Recorded at Black Dog Studios in Stillwater, NY, the production by Frank Moscowitz is spare, hip and effective. Most of the tunes feature a lineup of Steve Candlen - drums, James Kirk - bass, Pat Tiernan - lead guitar, and Nathaniel Coyne - percussion. Musicians also include members of the Albany band Stellar Young, and guest appearances from my old pals Tony Markellis and Carolyn Durnin.

Foxes * Holy Ground * Down to the Devil * The Ocean * Skippin' Town * Snowman * A Wall Apart * Face It * Extraterrestrial * Rain Falls

MJ Says - I have heard many versions of this story from "veteran" musicians. It may have even happened to me once or twice ... more

Web page:

Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs - Teen Angst & Green Flannel @ $10.00 each : In Stock
Tom Flannery describes himself as "a playwright who writes songs". This time he has written some rock n' roll songs.

Teen Angst & Green Flannel was recorded over four nights in the winter and spring of 2012 at a studio in Old Forge, PA. In these days when every recorded note is digitally dusted and polished, this CD has the raw energy of a live club performance. Tom writes or cowrites all of the material and is ably supported, even pushed, by the Shillelaghs. Producer Joseph "Wiggy" Wegleski plays guitars (and uke), Lenny Mecca bass and vocals, and Chris Condel drums and vocals. With guest appearances by Tom Borthwick on keyboards and vocals and Lorne Clarke singing harmonies.

A couple of Tom's heroes are Pete Townshend and Warren Zevon, and like them this gets loud and smart. Even on the darkest of songs there is a sense of these guys just plain enjoying themselves.

If I Only Knew * Cincinatti * She Ain't Mine (But She Could Be) * Sleeping In * Does It Matter * Didn't Feel It Coming * I Don't Want To Go Home Anymore * Now She's Gone * I Just Want Her Off My Mind * I Think About That Train * Maybe It's True

MJ Says - With gas hovering around four bucks a gallon, I have an unfortunate but primordial need to get into the car and drive when I listen to a new recording ... more

Web page:

Rick Rourke - Three Sides To Every Story @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Rick Rourke has been playing in bands and working in juke joints and concert halls since he was a kid. "Three Sides To Every Story" (2013) brings plenty of horn-fueled rock and roll and lowdown swampy blues to the table. Rick produced the CD, wrote all but one of the songs, plays acoustic guitar, harp, and plays all of the saxophones. This is muscular, thoughtful music, and he is ably backed by his many talented friends including Larry Clyman, electric guitar, Doug Klein, drums, and Lucas Ruedy on bass, as well as Leo Kachidurian on drums, Tony Perrino on Hammond B3, and the old B-Bender himself, Hank Soto on Telecaster.

Rose-Colored Glasses * Madison & Dove * Everybody's Baby Cries * Chance To Win * Long Way To Go * Ordinary Man * Got A Itch * Let Me Know How You're Doing * Somewhere Trouble Don't Go * Friends Like These * My Last Job * What's He Standing For

MJ Says - Rick is from Troy, NY, but I kept thinking of Texas when I listened this album ... more

Web page:

Danny Gotham & Glenn Mehrbach - Sundays Two @ $15.00 each : In Stock
This 2012 release is the sequel to Danny's 2011 CD, Sundays, a collection of instrumental music performed as part of his local Unitarian Universalist worship services. This time he is joined by Glenn Mehrbach on piano while Danny performs on acoustic guitar and mandolin. If anything this is even more musically eclectic than the original, with tunes from the folk tradition, Duke Ellington, Billy Taylor, Peter Ostroushko, Pete Seeger and two originals by Glenn himself. The addition of piano brings a whole new vibe, from front parlor nostalgia to flat out swinging.

Voice Still and Small * Morning Has Broken * Come Sunday * A Seeker's Psalm * Medley: The Minstrel Boy to the War has Gone/Be Thou My Vision * Spirit of Life * I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free * On the Eve of a Proposal (While my love lay sleeping) * Heart of the Heartland * Lullaby for Lennon * Medley: Star of the County Down/Shebeeg, Shemore * Turn, Turn, Turn * A Child is Born

MJ Says - Movie sequels are often disappointing efforts to cash in on a pale imitation of the original. ... more

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Wes Collins - One Layer Down @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Wes Collins won the 2012 North Carolina Songwriters competition, and while he is a lifelong musician, One Layer Down is his debut album of original songs. At the unusually late age of 53, Wes Collins', has hit the long ball with deep song writing and a tight, tasteful and very musical production. Wes sings and plays acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, Chris Rosser plays bass, harmonium, banjo, piano, and organ, River Guerguerian, is on drums and percussion, Will Straughan, dobro and lap steel, and Eliot Wadopian on acoustic bass.

Diana * Chasing Hallelujah * Poor Little Sausage * Come Around * Waiting * This is Then * Drive All Night * When That Happens * This Room * Rabbit Hole * Cover Me Jesus

MJ Says - I usually confine myself at FHM to featuring CDs of people I know and or have worked with. ... more

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Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys - Reasons That I Run @ $15.00 each : In Stock
"These notches on my pistol are the reasons that I run."

So says the ruthless 23 year old rounder Billy Matson in the title track to Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys new 2013 release, Reasons That I Run.

Gaudet's rock solid songwriting may be the anchor for the Railroad Boys, but the crack musicianship and tight harmonies of bassist Bob Ristau, mandolinist Sten Isachsen and fiddler Mat Kane (a new addition culled from the ranks of the Doc Marshalls) drive the tunes with progressive bluegrass flair. Scott Hopkins makes a sparkling guest appearance playing banjo on two tracks.

You Don't Know What I Know * Reasons That I Run * In Some Other's Arms * I Ain't Gettin' Up * Johnny Was An Outlaw * Hartford Street * Darkside Of Lonesome * Peanut Butter * Railroad Boys * Justify My Soul * Help Me * Raylene * Walk Of Life

MJ Says - The band is sounding great, honed by rigors of the road. ... more

Web site:

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys - No Questions Asked @ $15.00 each : In Stock
This 2011 release is Jim and the Boys second CD. Top quality original songs and some classic covers with Jim Gaudet on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Tim Wechgelaer on fiddle and harmonies, Sten Isachsen on mandolin and guitar, Bobby Ristau on the upright bass, and a guest appearance on dobro by Kevin Maul.

MJ Says - Jim Gaudet forsook the solo singer songwriter label several years ago, and while Jim is the front man this is a band, not a backup band. ... more

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Joel Brown - Places @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Joel's 2011 release is a long overdue set that features him as singer-songwriter. "Places" is collection of songs written and co-written by Brown, and one very special cover nod to his musical heroes John, Paul, George and Ringo. Produced by former Blotto member Dave Maswick, the CD covers acres of musical ground, from folky three part harmonies, to soulful ballads, to full-tilt-horn-driven rock and roll. The guest musicians include Joel's father Frank, sister Linn, guitar giant Chuck D'Aloia, harmonica virtuoso Peter Madcat Ruth, producer, Dave Maswick, soulman Garland Nelson, and many more.

MJ Says - Just because you can paint beautiful watercolors doesn't mean that you can write a great novel or build a log cabin ... more

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Yata - Nature Girl @ $15.00 each : In Stock
This 2012 release by Yata Peinovich was recorded in his home territory of Durand, Wisconsin by former Badfinger bassist Mark Healey, and features his clear tenor voice and eclectic writing. With guest appearances by Howard "Guitar" Luedtke, and Tim Caswell on electric guitar, Sue Orfield on sax, and Mike Quick on acoustic guitar, this album slides effortlessly from island rhythms and latin-tinged jazz to folky 12 string ballads and closes with Dixieland flavored Mississippi River Rag.

MJ Says - On the back of the CD Yata writes that these "Songs were written by the waters of the Mississippi, Chippewa, Red Cedar & Rainy Rivers and sun drenched islands in Hawaii, Mexico, & Belize" ... more

Web site:

Nancy Walker - Layer of Rust and Time @ $12.00 each : In Stock
Nancy Walker's "Layers of Rust and Time" is a lovingly produced recording, highly polished and beautifully packaged without losing a sense of play. The presence of Sue Demel, Nancy former bandmate in Sons of the Never Wrong, shows their vocal synergy is strong as ever. Nancy's originals are thoughtful and innovative, revealing jazz, country, folk and pop influences, but the pull is toward folk.

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Nancy Walker - True Colors @ $9.00 each : In Stock
True Colors is a collection of seven songs, recorded by Mark Cochi at the Greenfield Grange Hall in Greenfield Center, NY, with additional recording by Michael Jerling, and production by Larry Clyman.

MJ Says - The basic tracks for Nancy Walker's latest CD were recorded in an old Grange Hall in Greenfield Center, NY ... more

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Andrew Calhoun - Shadow of a Wing @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Songwriter/guitarist Calhoun's 9th album, 18 songs at 46 minutes, moves rapidly through intense feelings of love, longing, loss and redemption.

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MJ Says - Andrew Calhoun ... is smarter than I am ... more

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Michael Jerling - Music Here Tonight @ $15.00 each : In Stock

"Music Here Tonight" is Michael's first live CD. It was recorded on 6/30/2009 at Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY, and features 18 songs, including one new song, the title track.

With Tony Markellis and Teresina Huxtable.

For the clips, visit the album page at Michael's web site.

Blue Heartland * North Country Jukebox * Wide Awake In Parsippany * Old Henry's House * These Old Photographs * In the Middle Ages * Old Stones * Wollensak Tape Recorder * Pinto Pony * Jimmy & Jerry Lee * Dawn Patrol * Fishtrap Lake * Why They Run the Race * How Can People Live Like That * The Weather Channel * Doubter's Prayer * My Evil Twin * Intro: Music Here Tonight * Music Here Tonight * Bush League Hero

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Michael Jerling - Crooked Path @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Crooked Path is Michael's first CD of new songs in five years, since his wonderful 2002 release, Little Movies. Recorded and mixed by Michael at his Fool's Hill Studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, the album features 13 new songs.

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Michael Jerling - Little Movies @ $14.00 each : In Stock
Little Movies marks Michael's first CD of new songs since his 1997 Waterbug release, In Another Life. Recorded primarily in his home studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, and mixed at Scott Petito's NRS Studio in Catskill, NY, the album features Michael singing and playing 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and keyboards.
Michael Jerling - In Another Life @ $14.00 each : In Stock
Produced by Tony Markellis, In Another Life features MJ on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin and keyboards; Tony Markellis, acoustic and electric bass; Russell Lawton, drums and timbales; Peter Ostroushko, mandolin; Richard Bell (Current member of The Band, played on Janis Joplin's Pearl album), Hammond B-3 organ, piano, accordion; Bob Warren and Rosanne Raneri, background vocals; Teresina Huxtable, reed organ; and Kevin Maul, pedal lap steel. Recorded and mastered by Scott Petito.
Michael Jerling - Early Jerling @ $14.00 each : In Stock
This is a CD reissue of the strongest tracks from Jerling's first two self-released LPs, On Top of Fool's Hill (1981) and Blue Heartland, (1989), plus two previously unreleased tracks - "North Country Jukebox" and "Hotel DeVille".
Michael Jerling - New Suit of Clothes @ $15.00 each : Low stock
(Shanachie, 1994) Out of print. One copy available at this time.
Raquette River Rounders - R3 @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Released in 2002, R3 is the Raquette River Rounders' final CD. The Rounders are guitarist Danny Gotham, singer songwriter John Kribs, and bassist Michael Hadfield. There's a ton of good tunes on it; some original, some traditional, and some old favorites by artists like Woody Guthrie, Dylan, and Lennon/McCartney.

Web sites: and

Lorne Clarke - Moonlight and Cider @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Released in 2007, Lorne's long awaited new CD, Moonlight and Cider, was recorded in Toronto with James Gordon serving as producer. Features 15 brand new songs.

MJ Says - Lorne has truly found his voice with this CD ... more

Web page:

Lorne Clarke - Lorne Clarke @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Released in October 1999, Lorne Clarke's debut CD is a powerful collection of 14 original songs in a rich acoustic package, featuring an outstanding musical cast and produced by internationally respected producer/engineer, George Graham.

MJ Says - Lorne Clarke is Canadian-born, and there must be something in the climate that breeds baritones ... more

Web page:

John Kribs - Vibratile @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Released in 1999, John Kribs' CD Vibratile features 14 original songs. Vibratile is story songs, love and heartache songs, living in the mountains and making a life in music — with lots great guitar work, haunting vocals and nationally known sidemen including bassist Tony Markellis and guitarist Craig Vance.

Web site:

John Kribs - Blue Collar @ $14.00 each : In Stock
Released in May, 2011, John Kribs' CD Blue Collar features 11 songs recorded live during 2010 at four different venues. John chose the songs he did "not for the technical sound ... but for their spontaneity, the story they tell, their honesty and to show off the talents of a few of the great players I am privileged to worth with."

MJ Says - I've probably heard John Kribs play live more often than I have any other musician ... more

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Web site:

John Kribs - The Blue Wall @ $12.97 each : In Stock
Released in 2012, John Kribs' newest studio album of 11 songs, The Blue Wall, is a companion CD to his 2011 release, Blue Collar. Great new songs, some co-written with Dannielle Spindler-Swart, and a top notch cast of musicians including Doug Moody, Arlen Greene, Mike Kelly, Kevin Maul, Mike LoMaestro, Orion Kribs, Dale Haskell and Danny Gotham.

MJ Says - John jokingly calls this his "Blue Period". No joke, this might be John Kribs' best recording yet ... more

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To see John's other CDs, click here.

Web site:

Mark Tolstrup - Back Roads of America @ $14.99 each : In Stock
Roots American blues and ragtime performed with a fresh take and yet steeped in tradition. The Back Roads of America features original songs and tradition material along with "blues" interpretations of songs by other artists. Mark is ably assisted by Dale Haskell on drums and vocal harmony, Frank Orsini on fiddle and mandolin, Bob Stannard on harmonica and Dave Sokol on tuba.

MJ Says - We really tried to keep this recording as close as possible to what Mark sounds like onstage ... more

Web site:

Mark Tolstrup - Root Magic @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Produced by Tony Markellis, who also played bass; drums by Dale Haskell; piano by Richard Bell.

MJ Says - Mark’s powerful voice could be a lethal weapon ... more

Web site:

Rosanne Raneri - Shift @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Rosanne Raneri is a spell-binding singer-songwriter who combines elements of folk, jazz, pop and r&b to create an arresting, unique, contemporary sound with substance. Her lyrics offer compelling imagery, and her melodies and compositions set new boundaries. On Shift, producer Robby Baier of Melodrome weaves smart, inventive, sexy arrangements with organic and electronic sounds; the result is a luminescent collection with a bit of an edge. It's as if Annie Lennox were channeling Shawn Colvin covering Fiona Apple.

MJ Says - Listening to Rosanne sing makes me want to wax all poetical-like ... more

Web site:

Rosanne Raneri - Parhelion @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Parhelion, released in 2000, was named Best Local Release for 2000 by Metroland Magazine ("Parhelion is one of the finest albums ever recorded in this area"). Greg Haymes says of Parhelion, "Raneri serves up the complete package: stunning songs, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous voice and an almost palpable charisma...folk-pop gems that sparkle like the sun on fresh winter snow."

MJ Says - Listening to Rosanne sing makes me want to wax all poetical-like ... more

Web site:

David Butler - All Day Sucker @ $15.00 each : In Stock
David Butler's debut CD includes 14 songs, with John Pisa, and produced and recorded by Michael Jerling.

MJ Says - David sent me a cassette of his songs ... more

Mallory O'Donnell - Joy @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Mallory's debut album, produced by Bob Warren and Tony Markellis, features an impressive list of musical luminaries such as guitarist Chuck D’Aloia, cellist Monica Roach, drummer Danny Whelchel, and trumpeter and saxophonist Bill Holloman.

MJ Says - Bob Warren has always had a knack for finding gifted singers ... more

Web page:

Huxtable, Christensen & Hood - Melancholy Babies @ $14.00 each : In Stock
Finally available on CD, their second album "Melancholy Babies" covers several hundred years of pop music. Teresina Huxtable, Carol Christensen, and Liz Hood have been friends and a trio for well... a very long time. From American and British traditional to Caribbean, from old sheet music standards and original songs to doo- wop; they love it all and sing it all on this CD.

MJ Says - I won't even pretend to be objective about Huxtable, Christensen & Hood ... more

Web page:

Danny Gotham - Sundays @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Sundays is Danny's newest CD, released in 2011. With 10 tracks, the CD includes some wonderful covers and several traditional songs as well. Danny accompanies himself on various guitars, bass, mandolin and ukulele.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jerry Brown at The Rubber Room.

MJ Says - I first listened to "Sundays" while driving through the upstate New York countryside on a bright, cold December morning ... more

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To see Danny's CD Luzerne, click here.

Web site:

Danny Gotham - Old Friends @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Old Friends is Danny's second solo CD, released in 2009. It includes a lot of songs that he played and listened to over the years including Donovan's "Colors" and Hendrix' "Little Wing", as well as a number of original mandolin compositions that were inspired by his favorite picking partner, Peter Ostroushko.

MJ Says - This 2009 release finds Danny at his eclectic
... more

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Web site:

Danny Gotham - Guitarheel @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Danny calls Guitarheel his magnum opus. It is 72 minutes long, and the twenty cuts on it feature nineteen musical friends. Among them: Robin and Linda Williams, Peter Ostroushko, Orrin Star and Nina Gerber. Tons of guitar and mandolin. Everything from Hank Williams to Vivaldi to Charlie Parker to George Gershwin to Woody Guthrie to several originals, and a twenty page booklet!

MJ Says - A 2010 release, Guitarheel is just full of lovely arrangements, wildly eclectic musical sensibility, and masterful singing and playing on ... more

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To see Danny's other CDs, click here.

Web site:

Gary Moon - Orion @ $12.00 each : In Stock
Gary Moon is a songwriter from Lake George, NY who counts among his influences James Taylor and Paul Simon. After 20 years of playing regional venues, he has released his first CD, 11 original compositions that range from thoughtful observations on the environment and materialism to lamentations on tender places in the heart.

MJ Says - Gary Moon is a moralist and that is a bad thing. JUST KIDDING ... more

Web site:

Tim Wechgelaer - Rainbows @ $15.00 each : Temp. Out Of Stock
From a man of many talents, these recordings reveal the singer/songwriter and the song interpreter. Includes some great traditional material too. Produced by John Kribs, other musicians include Sherri Nolan, Sam Zucchini, John Cromie, Frank Carcaterra, Mike LoMaestro and more.

MJ Says - Tim is a hard working guy. I know because I'm not one ... more

Web site:

Dave Maswick - All The Lies Of Spain @ $13.99 each : In Stock
Dave's latest album, All the Lies of Spain, is a stellar collection of new songs that speak from a life rich with experience.

MJ Says - Back in the early 80’s Dave had a Fostex X-15 four track cassette machine ... more

Web site:

Bob Warren - Clear Connection @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Clear Connection is a collection of thirteen of Bob's most recent songs. Backing Bob up on the album are such notable musicians as Trey Anastasio (Phish), singer Hal Ketchum, bassist/producer Tony Markellis,singer/songwriters Michael Jerling & Rosanne Raneri, guitar legend Arlen Roth, Jazz great Mark Vinci and keyboardist Richard Bell (The Band).

MJ Says - It makes no sense to me, but I guess some people get Bob and me mixed up ... more

Web site:

Bob Warren - Bob Warren @ $15.00 each : In Stock
"Bob Warren", his latest album, is a collection of 12 new songs featuring guitarist Paul Asbell, bassist Tony Markellis, and a host of great players. The musical style ranges from folk to heavy metal, the lyrical content from funny to poignant.

MJ Says - This is the first new Bob Warren CD in eight years, though Bob has not been idle ... more

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Web site:

Mike Quick - Rain @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Mike's first recording since Down Bullfrog Road in 2004, Rain was two years in the making but well worth waiting for.

Produced by Michael Jerling, the disc features 11 new songs, nine of which are originals. The other two are a Michael Jerling tune called "Take Me To Juarez" and one Mike Q. and Mike J. co-wrote about the Hurricane Katrina fiasco titled "Fats Domino Is Missing".

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MJ Says - Quick has always been an adventure waiting to happen ... more

Web page:

Mike Quick - Down Bullfrog Road @ $15.00 each : In Stock
With Tony Markellis, Dave "Kappy" Kappus, Tom Wieseler, Tiit Raid, Billy Krause, John Bucholz, Dixie Duffey, Teresina Huxtable, Tim Keilholtz, Howard "Guitar" Luedtke, Randy Sabien, Danny Whelchel, John Lynch, Chuck Roll, and Michael Jerling.

MJ Says - Back in 1971, it was a warm spring evening ... more

Web site:

The Mighty Bullfrogs - Just Another Pretty Face @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Featuring Billy Krause and Mike Quick on guitars, Tim Keilholtz on bass, Dave Kappus on drums, and Tom Wieseler on keyboards, the Bullfrogs cover a lot of ground in their repertoire, from "roots rock" to "neo-calypso". The cd "Just Another Pretty Face" is simply a good, solid listen, with each song distinctly different.

MJ Says - Frogs and toads seem to make more news than other amphibians ... more

Web page:

Kate Blain - The Good Life @ $12.00 each : In Stock
Includes 15 original folk tunes with backup by Adirondack guitarist Gary Moon, fiddler/mandolinist Tim Wechgelaer of the band Big Medicine, and Michael Jerling.

MJ Says - Kate is in many ways the quintessential female folk singer ... more

Web site:

Junior Barber - Steffis Waltz @ $14.95 each : In Stock
Produced By Alan O'Bryant for Starving Arts Records. Featuring guest artists : Mike Barber, Alan O'Bryant, Mike Compton, Jim Hurst, Bryon Sutton, Roland White, Bob Carlin, and Stuart Duncan..

MJ Says - I first met Junior Barber some thirty odd years ago ... more

Matt McCabe/Junior Barber - These Adirondacks @ $14.95 each : In Stock
A fine 1993 effort featuring Matt's original songs and his good pal, dobroist Junior Barber.

MJ Says - Matt McCabe is one of the genuine good guys ... more

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Halfway Home from (same) by Michael Jerling

Hell And Heaven from Eclecticity by Doug Irving

Jelly In The Dish from Playground by Dave Fry

Paper In My Wallet from Time Leaves Things Behind by Ray Lambiase

Too Old To Start At The Bottom from (same) by Lawson and Disorder

Maybe You're A Dreamer Too from The Poet In Me by Bob Warren

Short On Time from House of Dreams by Mike Quick



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