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Bob Gibson


The Perfect High @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Recorded at Charlotte's Web in Rockford, Illinois and The Earl of Old Town in Chicago, this album again demonstrates what Bob did best - singing in front of a live audience. Adding their voices to the mix are Anne Hills and Tom Paxton with whom Bob would later form the trio, Best of Friends. The material contained here continues to spotlight Bob's collaborations, mostly with Shel Silverstein, but occasionally with others.

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Uptown Saturday Night @ $15.00 each : In Stock
By the mid-'80s, living on Chicago's upper north side and the proprietor of his own chili parlor and music room, Bob was at the top of his game creatively. This album, produced by Anne Hills, was released on Hogeye Records which Bob founded along with Anne and Tom Paxton. These well-crafted and tastefully arranged songs are prime examples of some of Bob's finest musical creations.

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Funky in the Country @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Recorded live at Amazingrace Coffee House near Chicago, this solid collection of songs had been several years in the making. Accompanying himself on 12-string guitar, with John Guth playing lead, Bob returns to the pure acoustic folk sound with which he had long been identified. Recognizing that formulas used by the major labels allow for little remuneration for the artist until all expenses are recouped, Bob did something very few performers were doing at that time - he released the album on his own label, Legend Records.

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Gibson & Camp Homemade Music @ $15.00 each : In Stock
Gibson and Camp reunite for their first album together in 18 years. Here they team up with old friend and musical colleague, Dick Rosmini. The album was created in Rosmini's home studio with Dick acting as producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer and photographer. Plus, he played all the back-up instrumentals. Thus the title, Homemade Music. It highlights not only Gibson's and Camp's own compositions, but those of Shel Silverstein, Steve Goodman and Michael Smith.

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Yes I See @ $19.99 each : In Stock
Out of Print
Bob considered this one of his best albums. Here he continues revamping traditional music in a most untraditional way. Plus, more of his original compositions are coming to the forefront and he introduces the first collaborative writing efforts with partner Bob Camp. Seven instrumentalists provide the musical back-up as well as a six-piece vocal group, The Gospel Pearls. Assisting with the album's production was Bumps Blackwell who produced some of the first hits by Little Richard and Sam Cooke.
Gibson & Camp at the Gate of Horn @ $18.00 each : Temp. Out Of Stock
Out of Print / Not Available. See instead Revisited, just below.
At the urging of manager Albert Grossman, Gibson & Camp formed a duo which created a phenomenal sound and excitement unparalleled in the annals folk music. Taped in Chicago at the 100-seat Gate of Horn, this turned out to be one of the greatest live recordings of all time - so much so that it became folk's first gold record. Their rollicking arrangements and exceptional harmonies inspired numerous up-and-coming acts, including Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver and even the Beatles. Shel Silverstein's liner notes, Gibson observed, probably sold as many albums as the music.
Gibson & Camp ...Revisited @ $15.00 each : Temp. Out Of Stock
It was Gibson and Camp in Chicago all over again - only now it was June of 1986 at Holstein's. In honor of the silver anniversary of their legendary recording at the Gate of Horn, these two veterans of folk got back together to recreate their best selling album in its entirety. For four nights they sang the songs, revived the patter and electrified the audiences - just like they'd done 25 years earlier. This recording contains an additional three songs not recorded on the original album.

If this CD is out of stock here, try the Hamilton Camp store.

(Folk Era CD-R)

Best of Friends
with Tom Paxton & Anne Hills
@ $15.00 each : In Stock
In the mid-80s, legendary folk icons Tom Paxton and Bob Gibson, along with then-newcomer Anne Hills, formed Best of Friends and toured nationally and internationally for a year and a half. This CD of a 1985 live performance wasn't released until 2004 and is the only commercially available recording of this stellar trio. All three artists contributed songs of love, humor, politics and social commentary.
Stops Along the Way @ $15.00 each : Low stock
Bob Gibson turned 60 in November of 1991. To celebrate the occasion, he did a studio recording with a live audience of invited friends. The song list spans the 38 years of Bob's career to that point - from some of his early banjo tunes to the title song, Stops Along the Way, co-written by Bob and Shel Silverstein. With Michael Smith on bass and Bob accompanying himself on banjo and 12-string, the evening's performance truly lived up to its name - Stops Along the Way. (Folk Era CD-R)



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