Best of Friends
Bob Gibson with Tom Paxton & Anne Hills

Appleseed, 2004

In the mid-80s, legendary folk icons Tom Paxton and Bob Gibson, along with then-newcomer Anne Hills, formed Best of Friends and toured nationally and internationally for a year and a half. The Best Of Friends CD - a 1985 live performance - wasn't released until 2004, and is the only commercially available recording of this stellar trio. All three Best Of Friends artists contributed songs of love, humor, politics and social commentary.

"Finally an available record of the marvelous singing that Tom, Bob and Anne did together as Best of Friends."
--Sing Out


  1. Sing for the Song
  2. spoken introduction
  3. Did You Hear John Hurt?
  4. Home to Me (is Anywhere You Are)
  5. spoken introduction
  6. The Death of Stephen Biko
  7. spoken introduction
  8. And Loving You
  9. While You Sleep
  10. She Sits on the Table
  11. Let the Band Play Dixie
  12. Pilgrim Song
  13. spoken introduction
  14. Panhandle Wind
  15. spoken introduction
  16. Something's Wrong with the Rain
  17. Ramblin' Boy
  18. spoken introduction
  19. One Million Lawyers
  20. Bottle of Wine
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