Walking To Washington
recorded on the 4th of July, 2004 at The Embassy, Moline, IL. By Meridian Green, Terra Gibson, Antonia Lamb (Caspar Creek, BMI). Produced by Lewis Demetri.

"Walking To Washington" was inspired by a poem my son, Terra Gibson, wrote. I know a lot of hearts were broken last November. Many people had high hopes for a different outcome in the elections. Not me. Making peace and sustaining life on the planet is way too big a task for a mere political party. It's an ongoing event, a way of life, a work-in-progress, every day, for all the days of our lives. "Walking To Washington" is a metaphor. Every step we take makes a difference, so walk until peace has come, walk until justice is done, walk until freedom is won.

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in the heart of this town
a collection of mostly original songs about a sense of place and time spent and matters of the heart. "Listen To The Thunder" acknowledges the precariousness of all of our lives with 'isn't it a wonder you're still here.' "Birds Fly South" is about being bound to one place in a migratory world. "Just Away" was recorded with Bill Bottrell and Dan Schwartz of the Tuesday Music Club. "The Lorax (In Laytonville)" is based on a true story about an effort to ban the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. "Sarah Lou" is from the longing to "...light up my daddy's eyes." "Song For Sienna" was inspired by the presence of faith and love and a commitment to building for future that inhabits the cathedral in Sienna. "Come On Wind" is an invitation to live one's dreams. "Where Does Time Go?" is a slightly Brazilian and Andean tinged tune. "Abilene" has a slow, sweet patina of New Orleans. "Hometown" is a parade.

Live From Caspar
Meridian Green & Gene Parsons brought a distinctive vocal harmony blend and unique instrumental approach to a diverse repertoire rooted in folk, country and bluegrass. In October of 1999, they played a live show at William's Place, Bill Bottrell's studio in Caspar, California. The world-class recording studio sound quality delivers an intimate sonic experience. Originals include "Coast Hotel", an up-tempo Tex-Mex tale of true love and a lonesome jukebox, "Chief Seattle", a haunting remembrance of lost tribes and the sacredness of the earth. "Get Up Blues" rises and shines with a singing horn section, while "Life Carries On" is a modal waltz for dancing at a wake. Other songs include Gram Parsons' "Sin City", the Stanley Brothers' "Drunkard's Dream", "Cowboy Girl", "Just Away", "California Blues", "Sweet Desert Childhood", "Banjo Dog", and "Lookin' For Trouble".

Birds Of A Feather
Meridian Green and Gene Parsons joined forces in 1986. On Birds Of A Feather they meld their distinct musical identities and emerge a dynamic duet. The album opens with "In the beginning, you really loved me" in a cooking country rock version of "Don't Miss Your Water". On Michael Smith's "Spoon River" intimately entwined voices journey through history, haunted by a timeless sounding banjo and an antique echo harmonica. A plaintive country lament, Parsons and Gib Guilbeau's "Wind & Rain", evokes the lonely, longing to be home from the road. Parsons Green's folk rock arrangement of Donovan's "Catch The Wind" features a sparkling high-strung guitar and symphonic harmonies. The album closes with "Quiet Joys of Brotherhood" Richard Farina's lyrics set to a primordial Celtic melody sung a capella with dense modal harmonies.
Meridian's other recording credits include singing on Chuck McCabe's Bad Gravity Day, Julian Dawson's Hillbilly Zen, Antonia Lamb's Amazing Tracks, Dan Paul's World Without Walls. She co-produced and performed on Holly Tannen's Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch.

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