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UnBoxed Set

3 Books - Special Package

@ $20.00 each : In Stock
The UnBoxed Set
EA Kafkalas' first 3 Novels WITH SPECIAL LOW PRICE
Set includes: "Frankie & Petra", "The Second Heart" and "Soul Mistakes". All signed by the author, for one low price.
Available only in paperback
Average Amazon Rating: 4.6 Stars
Price now $20 (55+% Savings off cover price of books)
Perfect to give as gifts, or to add to your own library!


Out of Grief

@ $15.00 each : In Stock
Where does friendship stop and love begin?

Out of Grief is a romantic, emotional story about friendship, love, and finding the courage to be true to yourself.

Frankie & Petra

@ $15.00 each : In Stock

Is chemistry enough?

Homicide detective Petra Theopholis is good at her job. She closes cases, but her world is turned upside down one morning when she meets a young grad student.

Painter Frankie Martineli has lost everyone she's ever loved in this world, so she wants nothing to do with someone that puts their life on the line every day.

After a one night stand they go their separate ways. When a case draws them together, they find that their passions can't be contained. But when fate throws them both into the face of danger, will their love survive?

Soul Mistakes

@ $15.00 each : In Stock

Can the past be undone?

Alex is a successful children's author married to an artist living in New York City. But even happily married women can question things when thrown together with their first love.

Mindy married the college quarterback, and has two children. She did everything she was supposed to do, but she was only ever happy with Alex.

When Alex returns home for the funeral of Mindy's mother, old passions resurface throwing both their worlds into turmoil.

The Second Heart

@ $15.00 each : In Stock

Is love truly universal?

Major Kate Winston is a decorated officer with a promising career until she wakes up naked in the arms of a strange woman with no memory of how she got there.

Alexia is from another planet sent by the elders to kill Major Winston to put off the foreseen destruction of their planet by Earth's mistakes.

From the backwoods of Pennsylvania to New York City to Alexia's home world, the novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different words struggle with their desires, and life and death decisions.



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